(Olga Vladimirovna Efremova)



GITIS - The Russian University of Theatre Arts (2011) Acting faculty, Theater and film actress. (Degree with distinction)

→ Actor Training Platform «Chekhov Players» (Michael Chekhov, Lee Strasberg, Thomas Ostermeier)

→ Acting Class Bernard Hiller

→ Isa Totah's Acting Class (Sanford Meisner)


Wordshop Academy

Filmmaking faculty

Film director. Writer.



Union affiliations: "Russion Guild of Film Actors" ( International Federation of Actors - FIA)

Representatives in Russia NOFI International Film Program

Creator ØLA Production


Playing Age: 20-30

Date of Birth: 05/19/1990

Height: 5, 7

Weight: 130

Eyes: brown

Hair: brunette

Hair length: short

Clothing size: 4-6

Shoe size: 7,5

Breast Size: 70B

Piercing: ears

Tattoos: back Built:

Slim Voice Range: mezzo-soprano

Ethnicity: European

Nationality: Russian

Citizenship: Russian Federation

City of residence: Los Angeles and Moscow

Exit visa: American and Schengen. Ready to travel to any part of the world.


Professional skills:

- Postscoring

- English (Russian native)

- Dance

- Hiking

- Shooting

- Horse riding

- Longboard, bicycle, scooter

- Driving license category B

- Diving, bathing in cold water

- Skydiving, rope jumping



- Director

- Artist

- Screenwriter

- The leading