Olga Efré
is an international name of Olga Vladimirovna Efremova (born with the Dеshina last name). She was born on May 19th, 1990. She is a movie and theatre actress, a director, an artist, a screenwriter and a traveler.

Olga was born in a family of and artist-designer Vladimir Deshin. She spent her childhood in these small cities like Lipetsk, Zadonsk and Novokuznetsk.
From a very early age she was creative, she had rich imagination and a strong character. She started to draw and to write at the age of tree and first time she went on stage was at the age of eight.

During her school days she was interested in literature, geography, religion studies, archeology, local history and dead languages. She was taking part in different olympiads.
She showed success in drawing (First place in Lipetsk area), designing, directing and journalism. 
At the age of 16 she graduated two schools (a comprehensive school and a parish school), she was taking part in theatrical performances (her favourite character was Pippi Longstocking), she was published in magazines, she was doing some charity and traveling all over Russia.

She left the Faculty of Journalism after one year of studying there for The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts - GITIS. During the years in GITIS her favourite characters were: the main role - Lenka Bessoltseva “Scarecrow” V. Zheleznikov, the main role - Viola “Twelfth Night” W.Shakespeare, the main role Gittel “Two for the Seesaw” W.Gibson.
She was awarded for a role of an old lady Fedosya “Kanityel” A. Chechov.

At the same time with studying at the university, she was working as a director at the Ecological and Humanitarian Institute, decorating some performances and also working as an event host and a tour guide.

In 2011 Olga graduated Faculty of Acting RATI-GITIS (under the guidance of V.V. Teplyakov and V.A.Dolgorukov) with the diploma of high distinction. Her roles in diploma shows were: Lyubov - “The last ones” M.Gorky and Ustinka - “Celebratory Sleep Is That Before Dinner” A.N. Ostrovsky.

She made her debut on the big stage with the main role of the Countess Anna Fedotovna - “The Queen of Spades” A.S.Pushkin (director S.Bulba, Moscow Art Theatre, the play during Pushkin festival).

After graduating the university she was hired in the troupe of Moscow Youth Theatre under the guidance of V.Spesivtsev. Her favourite roles there were: Varya - “The Cherry Orchard” A.P.Chekhov, Lyuba - “Yama: The Pit” A. Kuprin, Lisa - “Woe from Wit” A.Griboyedov, Suspicious old pawnbroker - “Crime and Punishment“ F.Dostoyevsky. 
The same year Olga made a debut in a movie and started working as a photo model. 
In 2012 there was a tour in Russia and near abroad of such projects as “Amnesty of soul”and “Classics in a class”. 
She combined actress career with a work of director’s assistant, she also wrote plays and provided preparatory courses to enter theatrical universities.

In 2012-2013 Olga was the actress of the Theatre “School of Modern Drama”.

In 2013 she was a head and a teacher of the kids acting classes “Fantasy”. Her pupils got awards in the nomination “Acting skills” at some children festivals. She was honoured with a diploma for the contribution in kids creativity. She founded her agency of children holidays cerebrations.

Starting from 2013 Olga was an actress of The Moscow Youth Chamber Theatre “on Pirogovka”. Her favourite role there was Jill “Butterflies are Free” L.Gershe. That year she became a member of “Russian Screen Actors Guild” after her work on the Gorky Film Studio, Mosfilm, Amedia and Pifagor Studio as a movie actress and a film scorer.

In 2014 Olga started her travelling all over the world and by now she has visited more than 30 countries.

In 2015-2016 she was living in Europe most of the time and sometimes she flew back to Moscow only for filming and acting in plays. She was working as a photo model in Germany, Italy andFrance.
in 2015 she was an author and an actress in a play (based on russian classics compositions) for the 70th anniversary of the Victory in World War II “A comrade “Memory”.
In 2016 in Italy she was the wife in a play “Prostrannaya Komediya” based on Le Fontaine fables.
From 2016 she was studying in the Platform of Actors Trainings “Chekhov Players” with a method of Michail Chekhov, Lee Strasberg and Thomas Ostermeier. 
In 2016 - an actress and a representative from Russia in NOFI International Film Program (Hollywood). A manager of directors and producers meetings in Amedia Studio.

In 2017 moved to the US (Los Angeles, Hollywood). She was studying at Acting class of Bernard Hiller and Isa Totah's Acting Class (Sanford Meisner).

In LA she is a founder of ØLA Production.
She is developing an independent cinema being an actress and an author. She also has a photo model contract.

In 2018 she is an art director, a director’s assistant and an actress in the play “Hold me tight” on the stage of Central House of Arts (director V.Sayanskaya).

Now she continues being a movie and a theatre actress, travelling, studying at acting and directing classes, drawing, writing scripts, making movies and staging plays.