2018 г.

«The Blue Dream» (USA-Russia) ØLAРroduction director O. Efre, C. Suarez

The lead role – Girl from dream

«Tell me about yourself» director V. Polanskyi  a role – Druggy Girl 

2017 г.

«Angels die twice» (USA - Georgia Production) director N. Nokchebia. The lead role – Nastya

Fairy-tale «Alpha» (USA) ØLAрroduction director O. Efre, J.Gonatos

The lead role – Elf Princess

 2016 г.

«Vigilante Diaries» Oscar Gold Production, director Christian Sesma, a role- barmen girl

«Our William Shakespeare» director S.Pavlov, a role - stylist Sophie

Motivating movie «Next» About the mechanics of achieving the objectives. director A.Serov. The lead role – Runner

 2015 г.

«He who loves, one is able to wait» director M. Asipenko, a role – Mother

«About Love» director A. Melikyan, a role – the Student 

2014 г.

«Eyes of a blue dog» director D. Fedoseenko a role - Girl from dreams 

«Absolute» director K. Pyatovskij a role - Bitch Girl

2013 г.

«The Date»director I. Sobol, a role - the Student Olga

«Someone I once knew» director M. Samarin, a role - Zoe, temptress 

TV series:

  2015 г.

«Stranger among us» director Plyaskin, Profit film company, 16 series, a role - the Secretary 

«Fetisov» director A. Azarov, the production film company Pimanov and partners, 4 series, a role – American nurse 

«The Prose of Sasha Sokolov: Reflections»  director K. Zakharov, the production film company «Pyramid»,

32 series, a role – the Director of bank 

«Pyatnitsky» director A. Galin, the production film company "Dixie" Season 4, a role - Olya 

2014 г

«Univer. Sasha + Tania» director Bogatyrev, producti by on ComedyClubProduction, Season 2, TNT, a role - the Hairdresser 

«Secret City 2» director Alexander Mokhov, production: Studio TG-film 8 series, REN TV, the episode – the Girl

«Pawn Shop Chronicles» director D. Shakhnazarov, a role - Lucy


 2017 г. Photo Model JustProduction (Los Angeles) 

2017 г. Melrose bar (photo) a role – Punk (Los Angeles) 

2016 г. New Year advertising (video) a role – Amelie (New York)

2016 г. Imperial pizza (video)

2016 гBigolife 

2015 гIviTV (brand face)

2014 гLexus (video)

2014 гToyota (presentation)

2014 гThe movie «Back to the Future» a role - Jennifer (Higher School of Economics)

2014 гAutoradio (photo)

2013 гIntel (presentation + photos)

2013 гLeader Team (photo)

2011 гShow Balloons (video)


2016 г.

TV series « Family» director V. Arabuli  The lead role – Mother 

2014 г.

Feature film «Territory" director A. Miller, the production film company, "St. Andrew's flag" (featured roles). 

Animated film «Children Against Wizard” studio Pythagoras a role - Ramona