«Hold me tight» a role – Irina, director V. Sayanskaya CDRI Theartre


"Lengthy comedy" performance based on the fables of La Fontaine The lead role – Wife сut O. Zakharova. Performance play in Italy.

"We cant forget the war," Musical performance of Leningrad blockade. Cut. O. Zakharova The lead role – Solider


"Comrade memory" On the 70th anniversary of victory in the World War II on the works of Russian classics. 
The lead role of the play and author. Performance play at different venues


"Light," based on the play "Oh, these free butterflies" by L.Gersha. 
The lead role - Light (Jill) cut. A. Zakharov. Performance play at different venues, including the stage of the Mayakovsky Theatre. 

From 2013 to the present time the actress "Na Pirogovke" Moscow Chamber Theatre 


Theater "School of Modern Play" 
"Notes of a Russian Traveler" by E. Grishkovets. a role – the Girl. 
cut. I. Raihelgauz 


The actress of the Moscow Youth Theatre of V.Spesivtseva.


"The Bible for children." The lead role – the Angel 

"Woe from Wit" by A. Griboyedov. a role - Lisa 

"The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov. a role - Varia 

"The hole" Kuprin. a role - Luba 

"Farewell to the mothers' by Rasputin. a role - Catherine 

"Crime and Punishment" by F. Dostoevsky. a role - The old Pawnbroker 

"Treasures of the ducal stream" Brazilian tale. a role - The daughter of the tribal chief 


"Baptism" A Christmas Story. a role - Herodias 

"Seagull Jonathan" by R.Bah. a role – the Angry seagull. 

"Prince Sheard" Indian Tale, a role - The Indian 

"The Tale of a lie in it .." Russian fairy tale. a role – the Fox. 
cut. V.Spesivtsev 

The play within the framework of the Pushkin Festival. "The Queen of Spades" by Pushkin. cut. S. Bulba. 
The lead role - the Countess